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BIEN 270: Transport with Reactions tin Biological Systems

Covers the mathematical expression and modeling of principles underlying the transport processes of biological systems reactions and biomedical engineering processes involving reactions. Topics include advanced development of chemical kinetics and reaction mechanisms of biological systems; enzymatic reactions; Michaelis-Menton kinetics; and cell-surface ligand-receptor kinetics.

Faculty Biography

Victor RodgersAlthough a chemical engineer by training, Professor and Chair of Bioengineering Victor G.J. Rodgers has concentrated on applications of chemical engineering fundamentals to the development and better understanding of biomedical and biological systems. His specific focus uses the fundamentals of transport phenomena, mathematical modeling, thermodynamics and kinetics. His work is largely interdisciplinary and collaborative with colleagues at medical school and pharmaceutical and bioscience programs, particularly at the University of Iowa. Some of his current projects include investigating the mechanism and potential role of redox species in and at the mitochondria of cells, mathematical mass transfer analysis of dissolved gases and nutrients in bioreactors, mathematical and experimental analysis of genetically-modified beta cells for a bioartificial pancreas, development and modeling prediction of drug delivery vehicles and development of transplantable devices.

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