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EE 240: Pattern Recognition

Pattern recognition is a branch of machine learning that aims to recognize regularities and patterns in data, using an existing dataset to train for the patterns to look for. The most accurate patterns are revealed by the very high resolution data (both spatial and temporal) and therefore, consisting of a large amount of data. This course covers basics of pattern recognition techniques and provides detailed study of how images are analyzed, including spatial and frequency domain analysis, image transforms, multi-resolution image analysis, object segmentation and tracking, nonparametric density estimation, feature selection, clustering and a preliminary introduction to medical imaging. Students completing this course will be able to extract correlated patterns from large imaging datasets from widely different disciplines to obtain meaningful information. This includes image recognition and storage, analysis of space images and features in extraterrestrial objects as well as MRI data for medical and biological studies.   


Dr. Roy-Chowdhury leads the Video Computing Group at UCR. His group is involved in research projects related to camera networks, human behavior modeling, face recognition, and bioimage anaysis. Application domains include national and homeland security, commercial multimedia, home infrastructure, computational biology, and digital arts. The underlying approach of his research is to harness various methods in systems theory, signal processing, machine learning, mathematics and statistics to the analysis of images and videos in order to obtain an understanding of their content. This scientific understanding can lead to machine vision technologies that can provide an automated/semi-automated analysis of the 3D environment from images/videos, analogous to the capabilities of biological visual systems. Prof. Roy-Chowdhury's research has been supported by various agencies including the National Science Foundation, Office of Naval Research, Army Research Office, DARPA, National Endowment for the Humanities, and private industries like CISCO and Lockheed-Martin. His recent book on Camera Networks provides an overview of current research in the field.

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